Najlepsza Strona Randkowa Dla Osób Lubiących Fitness
Najlepsza Strona Randkowa Dla Osób Lubiących Fitness

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Wiek 33 Z Emporia, Kansas - Online - 3 dni temu
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It’s been a while since I jumped on something like this. I’m kind of an introvert and homebody so I tend to keep to myself quite a bit. However, lately my dumb heart has been wanting a connection… So if you wanna give this a gander hit me up! I’m a bit of a weirdo but I can assure you I can also be a good time. If you’re into dark humor my soul is the black void you’ve been looking for. I like hard working men because I myself am a hard worker. That’s why I tend to be attracted to men whose bodies reflect their hard work. I have 3 cats and a dog. And they are my world. If you don’t like either I would move along because trust me. I don’t even befriend animal dislikers. I know that world has hurt you so at this point in your life, you might already be too far gone. Sorry bro. I love to read and write. As well as practice art as a hobby. I love having intellectual conversation with people. I love kids but I have none. I’m a pretty transparent person. So be careful what you ask because you will get my honest unapologetic answer. 😉

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